Here’s How to Convert Numbers File to Microsoft Excel on Mac


Today we will show you how you can convert an Apple Numbers file to Microsoft Excel XLS file format using Numbers app on the Mac.

Learn to Convert Apple Numbers File Format to Microsoft Excel XLS Right on Your Mac

Number-crunching apps have come a long way, and if you find yourself switching between Apple's Numbers app or Microsoft Excel, then you probably want to know how you can convert Apple's file format to Microsoft's XLS. This is extremely necessary if you work exclusively on a Mac and the accompanying ecosystem apps while everyone else has decided to stick with Microsoft Excel.

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The conversion process is extremely easy and you don't have to drag and drop your Numbers file onto a website or anything. Everything is possible using the Numbers app on the Mac and you will be left with a working Microsoft Excel XLS file in the end.

Here's how it works.


Step 1. First and foremost, open the Numbers file in the Numbers app on your Mac. If you haven't downloaded Numbers yet, you can do it from here.

Step 2. With the file open in Numbers, click on File in the menu bar.

Step 4. Now go to Export > Excel. Click on Excel.

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Step 5. Make sure the Excel tab is selected and then click on Next.

Step 6. Set the file name with saving location and then click on Export.

The file will take a few seconds to convert and it will be saved to the location where you wanted it to be. There's nothing else to it. Repeat the steps again if you have multiple files which you want to convert.

Just like any other conversion you might do using Apple's suite of apps, certain elements might not be converted at all. For example, pivot tables will be saved as standard tables. Stuff exclusive to Numbers will simply not translate to Microsoft Excel at all. So it's best that you keep work consistent across all platforms to avoid such problems during conversion.

You will run into a notice box like this if there are any issues with conversion:

With the important and most obvious stuff out of the way, you are now ready to convert files from one format to another as long as it involves Numbers and Excel.

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