Enhance Performance By Allocating RAM To Specific Programs In Windows 10 Computers

Zarmeen Shahzad
Allocate More RAM

If you have been using your Windows 10 computer for a while, you will notice that the device lags a little. You will also notice a lag in performance when you have multiple programs or tabs running simultaneously. If you are facing this issue, there is no need to worry. This problem can be resolved by allocating more RAM to specific apps. It may sound fancy, but the method to do this is pretty straightforward.

Allocating More RAM In Windows 10

This method basically optimizes memory usage allocation between apps and boosts performance. I am going to use this method to fix the performance issue in my browser. The process of allocating memory is the same for other applications as well. So, even if you face issues with other apps like MS Word, MS Excel, Antivirus, etc., the process to optimize performance is the same.

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Just follow these four simple steps and allocate RAM to enhance performance.

Step-1: Go to Start Menu and type Task Manager in the search bar. Click Open. (Shortcut Keys: Ctrl + Shift + Esc)

Task Manager

This is what the Task Manager application will look like once it opens:

Task Manager
Step-2: Once the application opens, click on the Details tab.

Task Manager Details
Step-3: Right-click on the application to allocate more RAM (I want to allocate more RAM to my chrome browser). Move your cursor to Set Priority and then select ‘High’ or ‘Above Normal’ as per your choice.

Allocate More RAM
Step-4: When you click on the option of your choice, a message box will appear asking you, ‘Do you want to change the priority of ‘chrome.exe’ (or whatever app you are allocating RAM)? Select Change priority.

Task Manager Final
Once you are done, you will see that your app performance would have increased. This issue usually happens in older computers or computers with poor processors. This allocation process will ensure that the applications you use more have better performance than the rest.

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