Add / Remove Webpages to Safari Reading List on Mac [Tutorial]

Add or remove webpages from Safari Reading List on Mac

Want to add or remove webpages to Reading List on Mac using Safari? Here's how you do it and it's super easy, too.

Learn to Add or Remove Webpages to Safari Reading List on the Mac

You can use a web browser in a wide variety of ways. For example, if you love to read a lot, then Safari has a built-in feature called Reading List which allows you to save webpages or links for you to read later. This works even if you are not connected to the internet. Just toss in a webpage to the Reading List, no matter where you are, Safari will load it up even without an internet connection.

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In order to access Reading List in Safari, just click on the side bar button on the top left hand corner, as shown in the screenshot below. Under the Collected Links section, you'll see Reading List. Click on it and all your webpages which you've saved for later will appear here. Handy dandy.

Click to reveal side bar.
Click on Reading List.

Add Webpages to Safari Reading List on Mac

But, how do you add links to the Reading List in the first place? It's super simple. First of all, you open up the webpage you want to add. Once it has completely loaded up, click on the Share button on the top right hand corner then click on Add to Reading List.

Click on Share Sheet button and then click on Add to Reading List.
Access Reading List from the side bar.

There's nothing more to it really, except that you can delete a Reading List entry by swiping left on it then clicking on Delete.

Although I do not use this feature that much, but it's extremely handy when you do have to. Also, the same Reading List features are available on Safari for iPhone and iPad as well. But what's more important here is this - thanks to Continuity features in the Apple ecosystem, links added from any of your devices will show up everywhere. Furthermore, if you remove a link from somewhere, that change will be synced across devices too.

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