How to Enable Favorites Bar in Safari for iPad

Favorites bar

Need to access your favorite sites with a tap in Safari for iPad? Here’s how you can enable the favorites bar right away.

The ability to have your frequently visited sites front and center in any web browser is a blessing, especially on something like a desktop or a tablet. On a phone, no thanks to the smaller screen size, you don’t get that luxury. On a tablet, you do. Or more specifically, the iPad.

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If you are an iPad user then you can enable the favorites bar right now in Safari, and have quick access to your, well, favorite sites, regardless of wherever you are with your browsing adventure. It’s a very handy little option and something which you should enable right away if you love to have your favorite sites right on your face at all times, ready to be accessed with a single tap. Pick up your iPad right now, and follow along.

1. Launch Settings app from the home screen.

2. Scroll down a little and find Safari. Tap on it to open.

3. Enable the ‘Show Favorites Bar’ option.

Favorites bar

4. Now close the Settings app and launch Safari from the home screen.

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5. You’ll see the favorites bar right under the address bar. Tap on your favorited website and you’ll jump right into it.

Favorites bar

So yeah, there you have it. That’s all there is to it. It’s a handy little feature to enable especially on the iPad as you have a bigger canvas to browse the web and still have room to spare for your favorite sites.

I don’t make use of this feature a lot, but there are a ton of people around me that actually do. It’s so easy to jump into a site you check upon very often without having to enter the complete address or a part of it in the address bar. For example, if you love following our website a lot for news, then it’s a sane idea to have it favorited and ready on tap just to see what’s happening in the mobile and hardware world.

Just saying.

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