Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Off-Screen Gameplay Video From Brasil Game Show


It's been a good while since we heard something regarding Horizon Zero Dawn, the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive game currently in development by Guerilla Games. With the game getting closer to release, Sony is finally starting showing more of it.

A few hours ago, a new off-screen Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay video has surfaced online. The video, which has been taken during this year's edition of the Brasil Game Show, features plenty of gameplay so it's definitely a good watch for those who wish to see more of the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive in action.

Two months ago, Lead Quest Designer David Ford revealed more regarding some of the Horizon Zero Dawn mechanics, confirming that outfits will have different stats and much more. He also confirmed that the game will feature a very robust skill point system.

We have a lot of game systems that you can use to improve your character, Aloy. We have outfits that you can use that have different stats on them, there are modifications that you can get for your outfits and for your weapons. There’s additional tiers of weapons with different ammo types. There’s a skill point system that’s very robust and allows you to customize your character. Some of the things in some of our demonstrations are utilizing skills that have been purchased through that system. It unlocks new ways to play in addition to new ways to fight when you get new weapons.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches on February 28th in all regions exclusively on PlayStation 4.