Hold your wallets, iPad 3G coming by May 7th!!!

If you were planning on buy the iPad now or in the future i suggest you keep that money in your pocket and wait for the new 3G line up of the iPad.


The new models come in 16GB ($629.00), 32GB ($729.00) and 64GB ($829.00) models with WiFi and a 3G data plan which is sold separately (thank god for Jailbreaking) Just like at the release of the iPhone 2G Apple comes in and announces the 3G model in a couple of months of the iPhones release date, this time they were quick to the punch in making sure they make the 3G model of the iPad as soon as possible. But since it is Apple people don't mind at all dishing out $100's of hard earned cash just so they can buy the next best 'innovation' by Apple.

Can't Apple wait even a few months before breaking the news to all the non 3G owners that they bought a 3G-less tablet and now will have to pay $629 to get one where the first iPad cost them $500? Apple customers must really be brand loyal if they can put up with these kind of "sped up" product releases.

Source EnGadget

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