HMD Expected to Increase Its Presence in the U.S. Thanks to Latest Job Postings – This Could Be Followed by the Nokia 9 Launch


So far, this has been a great year for HMD by selling a wave of Nokia-brand smartphones with a varied level of pricing, though we’d be more thrilled if a flagship would be launched in the near future. Still, the company introduced eight new handsets in the past few months. This bodes nicely with its plan to become a leading smartphone company once again. After making waves in the Asian and European markets, HMD global is now seeking to expand its operation in the U.S.

Plan to Expand to the U.S. for HMD Comes at a Time When the Nokia 9 Launch Rumors Are Coming Forth

HMD has not been an active operator in the U.S. as much as it has been focusing in the Asian and European markets. However, a new post on LinkedIn indicates that this is about to change as the company wants to increase its activity in the United States. The company has three new job openings for people based in the U.S. The posts include a Technical Account Manager, a Product Lead, and an E-commerce lead. All of these jobs belong to intermediate management and are based out of New Jersey, Dallas, and Washington respectively.

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The new hires will help HMD develop a better online portfolio for the stateside market and boost marketing and sales activities in the country. The job descriptions state that the new hires will work alongside different operators, partners, and retailers to achieve these goals. The Technical Account Manager is required to help with customizations to give the products a local flavour.

Even though HMD has been largely successful in reintroducing the Nokia smartphones, the brand still hasn’t reclaimed its past glory. It is a logical step to strengthen the company’s presence in the U.S. as it is the third largest market for smartphones in the world by volume and the biggest market in terms of revenue generation. Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi and Huawei have also been unsuccessful in vying to enter the market, though unlocked variants of these brands are still being sold.

The job postings also revealed that the company will require the Product Lead to talk to carriers to decide on a roadmap to enter the market. Do you think HMD Global will be successful in the U.S.? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: LinkedIn