SweetFX Mod Enhances Hitman’s Visuals with Better Clarity and Lighting – Screenshot Comparison Here

Fahad Arif

The first episode of Hitman hit current-gen platforms earlier this month, allowing players to dive right into Square Enix’s latest action-adventure stealth video game and play the prologue, which acts as a prequel to the series. While developer IO Interactive prepares the game’s next chapter with new content and cities to explore, PC modding community has started to do their work and give a makeover to the third-person shooter by enhancing its graphics and visual elements.

New SweetFX/Reshade Preset for Hitman Offers Better In-Game Clarity and Lighting

Hitman's release on March 11 marked it as the first big-budget video game to support DirectX 12 at launch. The support for Microsoft’s latest graphics API allows the game to deliver an overall better performance by taking advantage of DirectX 12’s Asynchronous Shaders feature, which spreads different tasks like physics, memory and lighting across individual computing units of graphics processing unit, enabling them all to work at the same time. This method results in big gains in image quality without affecting the performance.

However, as expected, it is advised that players avoid using Hitman’s DirectX 12 feature for now, as it doesn’t seem to be fully optimized and is currently causing issues like freezing and crashing. IO Interactive is already working on a patch to fix things, and while you wait for the update, you can try out the visual improvements that the SweetFX mod has to offer for the game. Thanks to this new Reshade config – called “Enchanced Clarity And Lighting” – by Panopticon, you can now sharpen the game’s image quality and add other minor visual tweaks.

Here is a screenshot comparison showing how Hitman performs graphically while running with the SweetFX mod compared to original visuals.

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