HITMAN Playthrough Footage Released


Square Enix and Io Interactive have released the very first HITMAN playthrough footage, showing the title which is scheduled for release on December 8 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The video focuses on the core Hitman experience – creative stealth gameplay, disguises, hiding in plain sight and the choice and freedom of approach that is the hallmark of the series. Featuring the Parisian “Showstopper” mission, the playthrough aims to give fans insight into the mechanics of HITMAN while not spoiling the game.

The fifteen minutes long video will give you a better idea on what you may expect from this new title in the HITMAN series. According to those who have participated in the Alpha test, the game is much more similar to Blood Money than to Absolution, the latest franchise entry that long time fans criticized heavily.

Levels are also reportedly huge: Io Interactive said that they will be six to seven times larger than the biggest level in Absolution. However, in December there will be only a handful of missions, with more to be added for free via subsequent updates; a full retail release is planned for 2016, once more content has been added to HITMAN.