High End Intel Core i7-12650HX 14-Core (6+8) Alder Lake Mobility CPU Spotted

Usman Pirzada
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Intel has already launched the Alder Lake series to great acclaim and the big.SMALL design is going to be especially powerful in the mobility space. With the Alder Lake P mobility series already out, it was only a matter of time before the more powerful, professional-grade HX series was spotted. A new entry on UserBenchmark spotted by Videocardz confirms.

Intel 14-Core Alder Lake Alder Lake HX mobility CPU spotted in UserBenchmark, hints at upcoming high-end mobility launch

The benchmarks show us that the CPU in question had an average turbo of 4.05 GHz and a base clock of 2.3 GHz. The nomenclature would put this as a 14 core part with 6 P-cores and 8 E-cores for a total of 20 threads. Needless to say, this is an insane level of power packed into a mobility chip and would be second only to the desktop 8+8 configurations. We are also pretty sure this part would be meant for professional workstation-grade desktop-replacement laptops.

UserBenchmark isn't the most reliable benchmark out there but based on the scores, it will easily take the mobility performance crown and be the ultimate chip to have as far as processing speed goes (yes that includes both AMD and Apple parts as well). Based on the specs, however, it is likely to be a power hog so you are going to see these in the mid-tier laptops (in terms of weight class).

We already know the Alder Lake mobility SKU had 2x H series processors and it looks like this is the 6+8 variant and likely has a TDP of 45W. There are even higher-powered SKUs that rock 8+8 configurations but those are almost certainly going to be limited to luggables or chunky laptops as they sip almost 55W (almost desktop level of power). In fact, leaks have suggested that these are actually desktop dies in a BGA packaging with restrained clock and vcore curves.

Intel recently launched their 12th generation vPRO series of processors as well based on the same architecture. Alder Lake E-cores allow it to park the big cores for mundane tasks and be very power efficient on battery and the architecture also uses Window's new hardware scheduler feature which should really make it a beast in productivity. It will go up against AMD's 6000 series mobility processors which have also started showing up in various leaks.

Intel Alder Lake vs Tiger Lake Mobility CPU TDPs

CPU SegmentPL1 TDPPL2 TDPCores / Threads
Alder Lake-H5555W/45W>115W12 / 16?
Alder Lake-H4545W/35W115W12 / 16?
Tiger Lake-H4545W109W (i7-11800H)
135W (i9-11980HK)
8 / 16
Alder Lake-U2820W/28W64W12 / 16?
Tiger Lake-U2828W54W (i7-1185G7)4 / 8
Alder Lake-U1515W/20W55W4 / 12?
Tiger Lake-U1515W44W (Core i7-1180G7)4 / 8
Alder Lake-U99W/15W30W5 / 6?
Tiger Lake-U99W28W4 / 8
Alder Lake-M57W/5W~20W5 / 6?
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