Here’s What Dark Mode in Facebook for iOS App Looks Like, And It Totally Sucks [Screenshot]


Dark mode for Facebook isn't here, but we have a glimpse of what we can expect on the iPhone. And yes, it's gray, not exactly 'dark.'

Facebook for iOS Dark Mode Shown off in Screenshots, But is it Really What Everyone Wants?

iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 has been available for nearly 7,000 years for iPhone and iPad users around the world. The update's highlighting feature was dark mode, something many developers took advantage of, and even Facebook hopped on the bandwagon with updates to InstagramWhatsApp and Messenger.

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All of these apps are owned by Facebook, and for some reason, the main Facebook app doesn't have dark mode to this date. But, a few screenshots have surfaced showing what dark mode will look like, hinting towards the fact that the social network is actively working on the feature and should be ready for release in a future update. Have a look below, courtesy of 9to5Mac:

As you can see from the screenshots above, the dark mode totally falls in line with what the general community asked for, complete with a gray backdrop instead of pure black. If you can't sense sarcasm at this point, then it's best to stick with what's going on.

Honestly, I'm throughly disappointed with the gray mode, rather than dark mode. It screams inconsistency across apps owned by Facebook except maybe WhatsApp, whose dark mode is a hot mess that I can't appreciate at all compared to what other third-party apps are offering.

Overall, the Facebook app is garbage at best and it is very, very surprising that Apple and Google even allows it on their platforms. There are way too many inconsistencies in the app, at times it feels like an HTML wrapper and the UI keeps on changing when you force quit the app, making you seriously question the app and its capabilities.

I really, really hope the dark mode we see above isn't the final product and instead includes a 'pure dark mode' toggle switch. If that happens, it will restore my faith in Facebook's mobile app, but only slightly.