Here’s How OnePlus Plans to Improve Videography on Its Devices

Anil Ganti
OnePlus announcing new product tomorrow

Despite offering the same hardware as most flagship devices, OnePlus phones often lag behind when it comes to camera prowess. They aren't bad by a long shot, just not on the same level as products from competitors such as Samsung and Apple. OnePlus is one of the better companies when it comes to listening to user feedback, as we've seen on multiple occasions. Today, the company held an Open Ears Forum at New York City where it discussed some upcoming camera improvements at length. Let's take a look at some of them.

OnePlus to improve Dynamic range, Pro video mode, new Gallery Features, and more camera features through coming updates

One of OnePlus' first priority is to make the exposure, color and white balance consistent across the three cameras.  The company is also working on supporting 4K video on all three cams and enable switching between them during recording. Furthermore, it will also let users record with two cameras simultaneously. It'll be interesting to see how OnePlus will go about it, as recording two streams at the same time is a fairly very resource-heavy task. Here's a complete list of camera features that OnePlus is working on.

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OnePlus also said that skin tone improvement will come via a future version, along with better sharpness and more. Additionally, 4K super stabilization and Video HDR are in the works too. Pro video mode and Night mode for night video should ideally arrive alongside it. Even the Stock Gallery app will get some new video tools, reducing user reliance on third-party alternatives. Lastly, Light Painting mode will also make an appearance at some point in time.

There are a host of other features that will eventually make their way to eligible devices via future OxygenOS builds. Some older devices such as the OnePlus 5 series might not get some of them, given their hardware limitations. We could even see some of the features make their debut alongside the highly-anticipated OnePlus 8.

It's refreshing to see a company take user feedback seriously. Most of the issues on OnePlus devices' cameras are a result of poor software optimization, and once that is addressed, they can give the likes of Huawei and Apple a run for their money. Anyone who has used a Google Camera port on their OnePlus phone can attest to that fact.

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