Microsoft’s Surface PC Event – How to Live Stream and What to Expect


Microsoft's October 26th event is just a few hours from now. The company is expected to bring some major updates to Windows 10. Moreover, we also expect the company to introduce some new hardware as well. Here's a list of things that we expect from today's Microsoft Surface event. Moreover, see how you can live stream the event from your browser.

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Today's Microsoft Surface Event

Microsoft is set to unveil its updates for this year and we have high hopes that the company will announce updated hardware as well. If you're not familiar with the way, we'll tell you what you can expect from today's event and how to view it live.

How To Watch Live Stream

The event will kick off at 7AM PT / 10AM EDT / 3PM BST / 4PM CEST / 7:30PM IST. To watch the live stream of Microsoft's Surface event, simply tune in to this webcast using your browser. There will be a bunch of new announcements, so schedule timings accordingly if you're interested.

Windows 10 Updates

The software giant is planning two major updates for its Windows platform, which will be released early next year. The first update is expected to arrive in March. Henceforth, in today's event, we anticipate that the company will detail the additions which are going to be part of the Windows 10 update in the coming year.

windows 10 handoff

Some of the variations being tested by Windows Insiders include trackpad changes, better customization, HomeHub and F.lux for blue light reduction. The company is also said to be bringing the Holographic shell to Windows 10 PCs. There's a lot of other things part of the announcement as well so be sure to stay tuned for more.

Creativity Plus 3D

Recently, there was a leak of the new Paint app on Windows 10. The company seems to be drenching it in the complete design overhaul. Moreover, it will be a Universal Windows app that will support touch as well as pen features. Other than this, Paint will have the ability to create 3D objects, which seems to be the main focus of the app. It will definitely be a very useful tool for learning as well as productivity.

New Surface PC?

Microsoft is also expected to showcase a new Surface device. Laptops and tablets aside, the new device will reimagine the desktop computer. Possibly, the all-in-one device will be an iMac competitor. The design of the device is expected to feature a large display with a hinge to lay it flat on the desk. It could come with touchscreen and support for a stylus, which ensure better controls and diversified operations. This device will be oriented towards productivity, as it will focus on creating 3D objects and Holograms with new Surface hardware.

Microsoft Surface desktop (2)

HoloLens And Amazon Echo Rival

Microsoft's augmented reality headset might also be discussed at the event. HoloLens provides a "mixed reality" experience in which users can see holograms and can interact with them as well. Any details on the headset would provide a clear insight for what the company has in focus.


Other than this, the company might have plans to announce a smart home competitor. The device will feature the company's voice-based assistant Cortana which will rival the newly launched Amazon Echo. It's good to see that the company has the trend in focus and it does not want to be left behind.

Surface Pro And Surface Book

Microsoft is expected to refresh its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 earlier next year. So it is possible that the company will not announce any details on them. It seems that the main focus for the event will be the new Surface PC. Nonetheless, it's never too late to expect what surprises could the event have in store for us.

Wrap Up

Microsoft held a similar event last year in October, however, today's event seems to include less hardware. Nonetheless, we can never be sure about the releases as the company could have planned a surprise. The focus this year is around 3D and creativity so lets see what the company will have in store for users. As for what we should expect from today's event, the company is going to cater both hardware and software aspect. Be sure to stay tuned for our extensive coverage of the Microsoft Surface event.

This is it for now, folks. Are you excited about today's Microsoft Surface event? Do you think the company will surprise us with the new Surface PC? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.