Here’s a List of Things to Keep in Mind Before Enrolling for Samsung’s Android 10 Beta

Anil Ganti
Samsung continues to enjoy the top smartphone position

The much-awaited Android 10 beta for Samsung phones is expected to drop sometime this week. You can check if your device is eligible for enrollment and the process to sign up here. Now, I get why one would be eager to jump in and try out a new software build, considering that Samsung isn't exactly fast when it comes to these things. It is worth noting that betas are intended for developers and not for average users. Before signing up, I'd recommend that you go through this list of things that one needs to know.

  1. As the name suggests, the software is in beta. The build is not stable by any means and will not work properly. A lot of apps' functionality will also break, making for a less than optimal experience. Your phone will stutter, crash and even reboot randomly, and there's little you can do about it.
  2. Beta builds are often not greenlit by Google's SafetyNet security check. It means that a lot of apps such as Samsung Pay, Google Pay, banking apps, and even Netflix might not work properly if at all.
  3. There is a small chance that you'll lose all your data after successfully sideloading the build. Make sure you back it up manually or via Samsung Switch. There have also been recorded instances of devices entering into boot loops after an unsuccessful OTA update, so be careful.
  4. If you don't like the software and want to revert to stable Android Pie, you will have to wipe your phone completely and manually sideload the Build corresponding to your device. The process is a little complicated and will require you to be familiar with ODIN.

Usually, a beta program lasts for three to four weeks before a stable OTA is rolled out. Assuming that the Android 10 beta drops later this week, we can expect the real deal to hit the airwaves sometime in November. You may have to wait a bit longer to get it, though, as it is influenced by several factors such as region, carrier, device variant, etc. I'll leave detailed instructions on how to go about sideloading the build on to your device once it drops once the software is live. Watch this space for more information.

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