Here is Every New Feature in Android 13 Developer Preview 1


The first release of Android 13 Developer Preview 1 is finally here and while it is still made for developers so they can start making all the changes for the latest apps and is not intended for the users at all. However, the latest version of Android does bring a number of new features that are still in early development.

Now, before we get started, I would like to mention that the features that are available on the Android 13 Developer Preview 1 are still new, and there is a chance that Google might not add these features to the final build of the game.

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Still, for those interested, we are going to talk about all the new features that are found in Android 13 Developer Preview 1.

Android 13 Brings Two Homescreen Layouts for Foldable Phones and More

In Android 13, the Pixel Launcher can now remember completely two separate home screen layouts.  This is something that is already seen on the Galaxy foldable devices and seems like Google has once again taken some inspiration from Samsung, which is a great thing.

Even though Google has not announced a foldable Pixel device, the addition of this feature could mean that they are planning on releasing a foldable device.

There is Now a Taskbar for Large-Screen Devices and Split is Back in PiP

With Android 12L, Google finally started paying attention to bigger screens and it seems that Google now wants to make it better. With Android 13, the taskbar you are getting will now have six slots. A short but well-done step change.

Google removed the PiP mode in Android 12L Beta 3, but with Andriod 13 Developer Preview 1, the feature is back.

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Guest Profiles Can Now Use Apps Installed from the Main Profile

Android, for the longest time, supported multiple user profiles on the same profile allowing users to share their devices without allowing access to the data stored on the device. With Android 13, Google is adding the ability for guest profiles to get access to apps that are already installed on the device.

Putting Your Phone on Silent Now Disables Haptics and Other Vibrations

Another change that has been introduced to the Android 13 Developer Preview is that when you put your phone on silent mode, it also disables haptic feed across the entire device. For those wondering, in Android 12 or older builds, toggling silent mode will disable can still disable all vibration-based feedback from app notifications but you still manage to get system interaction vibration.

Considering how a lot of people do use these soft vibrations, we are not sure about the feedback this feature is going to receive.

Disable Hold for Assistant with 3-Button Navigation A

Android 13 also brings you the choice to go for either gesture navigation or 3-button navigation, the choice is yours. Another feature that Galaxy phones have been using. Additionally, you are also getting a toggle for disabling the feature where you hold the home button to wake the assistant.

Better Now Playing Notifications

You are now getting better now playing notifications, as well. In YouTube Music, the thumbs up/down buttons are now replaced with repeat and shuffle and you also have new output picker with volume sliders.

Additional Quick Settings

Another good thing about Android 13 is that it brings three new quick settings tiles. You are getting access to color correction, one-handed mode, and a QR code scanner.

Quick Tap Can Turn Flashlight On

Another feature is that you can now turn on the flashlight by doing a quick tap but this feature only works on Pixel 5 and newer devices. So, older Pixel devices are not supported at the moment.

There you have it, folks. Android 13 Developer Preview 1 is now available and well, if you want to go ahead and try it on your Pixel device, you can do so but a lot of people are still willing to try it out.