Here Are Your Winners of the Fifth Annual Best of Galaxy Store Awards

Furqan Shahid
Here are Your Winners of the Fifth Annual Best of Galaxy Store Awards

When talking about digital storefronts on mobile platforms, hardly anything beats the likes of the App Store and Google Play Store. Despite being at the top of their game, it has not stopped other companies from developing their variants. This results in almost every phone that you buy being loaded with a distinct app store that is made by that OEM. For Samsung phones, we have the Galaxy Store, and Samsung has announced the winners fifth 2022 Best of Galaxy Store Awards.

Samsung Thanks All Developers for Their Apps on the Galaxy Store as It Announces the Winners

Yes, you heard that right; the Samsung Galaxy Store Awards have been happening since 2018, and Samsung has announced the following winner.

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  • Best Theme Collection: Pengtai Interactive Advertising Co.
  • Best Wallpaper  Collection: Bergen
  • Best Icon Pack Collection: Cogul Planet

Samsung is not done here, as the company announced more winners.

  • Best Music App: Sirius XM Streaming
  • Best Entertainment App: Vudu
  • Best Podcast Award: SOLAR

The Galaxy Store Awards go even further with the Game of the Year Award that has gone to Catalyst Black.

However, the awards don't end just here. Samsung has shared a complete list on their newsroom that you can check here. In addition, Salek Brodsky, the SVP of Strategic Partnerships at Samsung Electronics, also had a few words to say.

“Samsung is proud to foster partnerships that touch over a billion devices across the Samsung ecosystem,”  he continued, "The Galaxy Store Awards is an important initiative to recognize the incredible members of our community, including developers who every day help elevate the Galaxy experience for Samsung users worldwide.”

Last but not least, Samsung has also shared a video about the awards that you can check out below.

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