Hellraid Not Cancelled; Techland Won’t Leave Dying Light After The Following, Says CEO


Techland's CEO Pawel Marchewka was just featured in an interesting interview released on the Telegraph. Among many other subjects, Marchewka confirmed that Hellraid has not been cancelled at all and in fact, it was merely put on hold because the studio has big plans for it.

It’s been quite far in some places. We put it on hold because we have bigger plans for this game, but it’s not cancelled!

In case you forgot about it, Hellraid was announced in 2013 as an action RPG set in a dark fantasy world besieged by the forces of Hell. I had to chance to check out the game in a hands-off preview behind closed doors session at Gamescom 2014 and it looked interesting enough, though perhaps a tad too similar to Dead Island/Dying Light.

The game was eventually put on hold in May 2015 as Techland wanted to expand the universe of Dying Light, its most successful title to date. This just happened with The Following, the expansion we reviewed a couple of days ago, so maybe Hellraid now has a chance to be completed.

Then again, Marchewka also stated that Dying Light is an important franchise to Techland and they're not going to abandon it.

It's a very important franchise. We're not going to leave it after The Following.

It's fully understandable, since it was the best received game ever made by the Polish developer. It looks like Techland will still be busy with both Hellraid and Dying Light in the future years.