New Expanded Hellblade Cinematic ‘Gameplay’ Trailer Explores Senua’s Mental Illness

Ninja Theory has posted a new cinematic trailer of Hellblade. This trailer takes place entirely in-game and gives us a glimpse of precisely how they're handling the visualization and translation of Senua's mental illness.

The expanded Hellblade trailer shows surprising depth in just a few short minutes.

The trailer is an expansion upon the official E3 trailer we showed you in June. It brings more environmental footage as well as combat footage, showing more than just what we were introduced to at E3. The cinematic style they're shooting for is certainly showcased here, likened perhaps to Max Payne, though with a different ambiance.

In the trailer we see Senua struggle with what sound like they could be auditory hallucinations, though it isn't necessarily clear. The nexus between what's real and what isn't seems to walk a very fine line in Hellblade. It continues on to show off the environment, replete with shiny weather effects and lots of rain, likely to emphasize the mental state of Senua. The combat is a little slow, perhaps, though this is still a very early build.

Hellblade will focus on three critical elements; melee combat, deep character-driven story, and a unique art vision. Taking those to the next level. Hellblade is currently under development for the PlayStation 4 and PC with a planned release for 2016. Thus far it's looking quite good, even at such an early stage.

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