Hearthstone – Blackrock Mountain Adventure adds New Content

Pax East 2015, multiple companies and publishers are demoing their upcoming titles. Blizzard is one of the many publishers present at the event, and had a new piece of content to reveal for their immensely popular card game Hearthstone, titled 'Blackrock Mountain Adventure.'

Blackrock Mountain is a Hearthstone adventure that will test your skills like never before.

  • New Cards: Blackrock Mountain contains 5 wings populated by a slew of fiendishly clever bosses, each with their own hero power and unique new cards. When you defeat a boss for the first time, you will earn two copies of a brand-new card for your collection!
  • Legendary: When you clear a wing for the first time, you will be rewarded with that wing’s legendary card – for example, the cruel leader of the mountain’s orcish inhabitants: Rend Blackhand!
  • Class Challenges: On top of the regular bosses, Blackrock Mountain also includes nine all-new class challenges. Class challenges pit you against a specific boss using a custom, pre-set deck designed to test your skill with the class in question. Succeed, and two copies of a new class card are yours.
  • New Game Board: SO SHINY!
  • Dragons: As one would expect, Blackrock Mountain is home to a variety of dragons. Prepare to see a lot more of these scaly, fire-breathing, adventurer-crunching creatures as you brave the mountain!
  • Orcs, Dwarves, and Elementals, Oh My: Aside from dragons, there are plenty of other minions fighting on either side of the conflict: Dark Iron dwarves, fiery elementals, and the Blackrock orcs (who already had that name before it was cool).
  • Heroic Mode: If you like a challenge, you can try taking on the Heroic Mode version of any mission that you’ve cleared. This extra-difficult game mode is designed for players who don’t mind taking on ridiculously unfair and overpowered opponents. Bring your best deck and plenty of patience. You’ll need it!

Blackrock Mountain Adventure will bring 32 new cards to Hearthstone and 17 new boss

Blizzard revealed that the new Adventure will put players into the middle of an conflict between clashing forces fighting to control the mountain, with new minions an enemies to face.. There are also 32 new cards being added to the game. Seventeen new bosses will be added across five wings, with each wing being released over the course of five weeks.

Blizzard also detailed the upcoming Hearthstone Android and Iphone versions which are confirmed to release in the next couple of months.

The Blackrock mountain Adventure will release in April, for PC, Mac, Windows/Android tablets, and iPad. It could cost 700 in-game gold per wing, or$6.99 per wing. The entire Adventure can be purchased for $24.99. Pre-orders will begin on March 19th.


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