Haswell Die Configurations (Intel Ivy Bridge) Revealed – Mysterious Die Spotted

Usman Pirzada

We always knew Haswell's Design was highly Modular. This will just show you how much it really is, Intel revealed upto 8 Haswell Die Configurations at the Hot Chip 25 Semi Conductor Conference. (Click to Expand)

Haswell Die Configurations Intel Ivy Bridge

As you can see there 8 total die configurations for Haswell. Some portions are intentionally blacked out to stop industrial espionage.  Haswell Die Configuration shows it divided into 2 main categories, 4+3, 4+2, 4+1 and 2+3, 2+3 ULT, 2+2, 2+2 ULT, 2+1.

  • 4+3: This die pattern is complete and shows a quad core die with a GT3 GPU area with 6MB of L3 Cache. It has an embedded 128mb eDRAM This will be for the integrated solutions and the high end spectrum laptops. Examples would be the i7 - 4950HQ
  • 4+2: This Haswell Die Configuration is for high-end desktop products such as 4770k. Includes the usual 4 cores, 8mb l3 cache and GT2 display.
  • 4+1 (The Mysterious Die): This one is a bit of mystery. GT1 is used by Pentium and Celeron however this die shows 4 cores and 6MB L3 cache. We cant think of any products that have this. This could potentially be a new product launching soon. Haswell Quad Core Pentium with GT1 GPU? Hmmmmm.

Haswell Die Configurations 2+3 through 2+1 and the ULT Suffix

  • 2+3:  Mid to High End Mobile Processors. Features GT 3 GPU tech and 2 cores with 4 mb of L3 Cache. Would represent products such as i7-4558u.
  • 2+2: Low to Mid End Mobile Processors. Features GT 2 Tech with 2 cores and 3mb worth of cache.
  • 2+1: Pentium and Celeron Processors such as G3430 with GT1 GPU Tech, 2 Cores and 3mb of cache.

Haswell Die Configuration ULT Suffix

  • 2+3 ULT: Same as 2+3 but with a reduced cache and Ultra Low Voltage version. This Haswell Die Configuration will be used in Mid End: i5-4258u
  • 2+2 ULT: Sames 2+2 but with reduced cache and Ultra Low Voltage version. This Haswell Die Configuration will be used in Low to mid End: i5- 4300u



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