Halo: The Master Chief Collection Brought Tons of New Players to the Series

Brittany Vincent

Microsoft has been working to bring most of the Halo series to PC gamers over time. That's something that players have really gotten behind, at least if Microsoft and 343 Industries' latest comments on the series are anything to go by.

Following the addition of Halo 4 to the PC version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, 343 Industries released an update via Halo Waypoint indicating that it has, in fact, brought plenty of new players to the fold.

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According to studio head Bonnie Ross, the games simply being on PC was enough to attract a whole new legion of fans. Ross lined out how, after launching five games as part of the collection this year, the team has seen such a massive influx of players thanks to all the games coming to PC.

"During this time [2020], we launched FIVE games as part of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC, leading to the largest addition of new players to the franchise since Halo 3. In addition, the team put in a ton of work to release optimized console versions for Xbox Series X|S along with numerous community-requested features for all platforms. And there’s more MCC content coming next year!"

With another Halo title finally on the horizon in fall 2021 with the debut of Halo Infinite, this will mean we'll likely see even more fans jumping on board. It should be interesting to see how a brand new entry in the long-running sci-fi shooter series will affect the user base. We'll have to hunker down and, well, wait for it, just as we already have been.

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