Halo Recruit Mixed Reality Experience Announced, Will Arrive This Month

Nathan Birch
Halo MCC PC graphical settings

There’s a new Halo title on the way, and it promises to be very different than anything the series has delivered before. Today Microsoft held a media event dedicated to its nascent Windows Mixed Reality platform, during which they unveiled the new free-to-play “experience,” Halo Recruit.

Microsoft didn’t specify exactly how Halo Recruit will utilize the company's mixed reality tech, but it sounds like it will be a fairly simple experience. A taster, if you will. Microsoft's Mixed Reality head Alex Kipman had this to say about Halo Recruit…

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"It's a fun, brief introduction into the world of Halo. You'll see a variety of iconic characters in mixed reality for the first time."

Halo Recruit is the work of the series’ main developer 343 Industries, so expect it to be a fairly polished product. That said, you have to wonder how interactive the experience will be. Will players just be hanging out with a virtual reality version of Cortana, or will we actually get to shoot some stuff? We’ll just have to wait and see.

For those confused, Mixed reality is Microsoft’s catchy name for headsets that combine virtual reality with augmented reality tech like HoloLens, which projects 3D images into real-world environments. In addition to Halo Recruit, Microsoft also announced the new Samsung HMD Odyssey headset, support for SteamVR content, and more at their event. Microsoft is definitely going all in on this thing.

The first wave of Windows Mixed Reality headsets from HP, Acer, Dell, and Lenovo will be released on October 17th, which is also when Halo Recruit will become available via the Microsoft Store. You can pre-order your Windows Mixed Reality headset, which starts at $400, right here.

Are you interested in Microsoft’s mixed reality experiment? Does a Halo experience change your mind? Weigh in on the new tech below.

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