Halo Infinite’s Next Flight Open to All Xbox Insiders, 343 Working on Easier Steam Access


Have you missed out on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer betas/tech previews/flights (or whatever you want to call them) thus far, but are determined to get your hands on Big Team Battle this coming weekend? Well, getting in on the fun will be a little bit easier than before, as 343 Industries is opening the latest tech preview to all Xbox Insiders. Previously, you had to be a Halo Insider, which requires a somewhat lengthy sign-up process, while you can get in on the Xbox Insider Program by simply downloading the app from the Xbox Store.

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Meanwhile, 343 is hinting there may be a more streamlined way for Steam players to get into the tech preview as well (previously, you had to sign up to be a Halo Insider and wait for a Steam key to be sent to you).

Clearly 343 is clearly looking to scare up more people to jump into the tech preview, as this weekend will be the first test of the new 12v12 Big Team Battle. You can check out some footage of BTB in action here. This is everything included in the next round of flighting...

  • Social Arena (including objective modes and a new map)
  • Bot Arena (including objective modes)
  • Big Team Battle (debuting September 30) including three modes on Fragmentation
  • Training Mode
  • Weapon Drills
  • Customization
  • Battle Pass
  • New Halo Waypoint app & web experiences

Halo Infinite launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8. The next tech preview runs from the evening of September 30 to October 4 at 10am PT.