Halo Infinite Devs Aim to Make It Feel As Good or Better Than Other Shooters on PC


As promised, the developers of Halo Infinite have published the first 'Inside Infinite' blog post on the Halo Waypoint website.

Several key members of 343 Industries' Sandbox Team have been interviewed, touching on a great number of game-related topics. One of the highlights saw two developers reassuring PC fans that Halo Infinite would feel like a 'top-tier' PC experience when it ships.

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David Price (Lead Weapons Designer): We have a team dedicated to making sure PC controls feel best in class. We are working with our internal Pro Team as well as our partners in user research to ensure that we have a broad set of data to guide us on our PC feature planning. A major goal for Halo Infinite on PC is to hit that top tier PC experience that is as good or better than other shooters. Having MCC on PC is also a great help. It allows us to get player feedback on a live PC Halo game.

Quinn DelHoyo (Lead Sandbox Designer): We have staffed up a team here that is devoted to the PC livelihood. The Sandbox Team partners with the PC Team to build features and systems with the goal of meeting the expectations of PC players so that everything feels native to their platform. PC as a first-class endeavor is another aspect to Halo Infinite that we are actively taking into account. PC as a platform is not going to be a port after we launch the game. We are playing on PC every day. So now, not only does our game need to feel great and like Halo on a controller like it has natively for the past 20-some-years, the game and all of its systems need to take into account native mouse and keyboard functionality.

Halo Infinite, the first simultaneous Xbox and PC release of Microsoft's franchise, is now scheduled for Fall 2021 following a one-year delay from its former Fall 2020 release window. It's one of the most anticipated games due in 2021, so expect to read a lot about it in the coming months.