Halo Infinite Campaign Solid on Xbox Series X, Dials Back Resolution/FPS Hard on Series S

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Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is already out in the wild, allowing players to pick apart the game’s performance to their hearts’ content, but what about the game’s single-player campaign? How will it perform? Well, the tech heads at Digital Foundry got to go hands on with preview code of the campaign, and their findings are interesting. If you’ve got around 20 minutes to spare, you can check out their findings for yourself, below.

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Digital Foundry played the game on both the Xbox Series X and Series S, and on the more powerful console, the news is pretty good. On Xbox Series X, quality mode runs at a dynamic 4K and mostly-solid 60fps, which is something most games preserve for their performance mode. Speaking of which, Halo Infinite’s XSX performance mode targets 120fps with a pretty heavy cost to resolution – down to around 1080p. Framerate is also rather inconsistent, rarely achieving a full 120fps, and instead largely hovering around the 100 to 110fps range. So, performance mode is maybe a touch shaky, but why do you even need it when quality mode runs at 4K and a consistent 60fps?

Unfortunately, the news isn’t as good for the Xbox Series S. Quality mode is a locked 1080p and only 30fps, while performance mode is a dynamic 1080p while targeting 60fps. On the bright side, it seems like both modes mostly stick to their target fps. The DF guys also lightly criticize the Series S’ use of temporal anti-aliasing, saying it gives the game a somewhat soft look in motion.

Of course, there's a pretty big elephant in the room here -- if the Xbox Series S needs to drop down to 30fps to maintain a basic 1080p image, how is Halo Infinite’s campaign going to run on the Xbox One? Maybe 343 can pull off some technical wizardry, but on a basic Xbox One S, I suspect we’re going to be approaching 720p and maybe even verging into sub-HD territory.

Halo Infinite’s campaign launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on December 8.

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