Halo Infinite Battle Royale Modes Appear in Game Screenshots; BR Might Become Public in the Near Future

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Halo Infinite’s content continues to slowly pump out updates, fixing various problems and adding new content. Currently, we’re in the middle of Season 2, Lone Wolves, which has its own unique battle pass with cosmetics and rewards. Today though, a rather interesting development surfaced on Twitter.

Originally, Twitter user @leaks_infiite revealed that Halo Infinite would be getting battle royale modes, similar to the likes of Fortnite or the recently-released Rumbleverse. Fast forward to earlier this morning, and there’s another update about the reportedly-leaked Battle Royale mode. You can view the tweet about today’s update here.

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So, not only does it appear in the game’s UI, but it also has its own description, reading “Welcome to the Ring. Emerge victorious by being the last player standing.” In reality, that’s all we’ll have to go off of, and such a substantial update to the game would probably come in a Season patch (i.e., an update after Season 2 ends).

Otherwise, there isn’t anything concise about it. Whether the game mode has a unique draw also wasn’t confirmed nor clarified, but it probably will. Something else interesting is that there’s a pool for trios and a pool for a full squad of four, outside of just free-for-all. None of this content is in the game yet, obviously.

Halohub, on its own accord, has its own set of screenshots that further support the claims above. These screenshots were released earlier this year. You can see them below:

Currently, the game’s Season 2 is underway and will end on November 8th, 2022. The game allows you to finish the first Battle Pass, as well, assuming you’ve purchased it before the season ended. We’ll continue to update as more updates about the currently-unreleased Battle Royale game mode are released, or leaked.

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Halo Infinite Battle Royale Modes Appear in Game Screenshots; BR Might Become Public in the Near Future

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is free to download on Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via the Windows 10 Store and Steam. The game’s campaign is also purchasable on these platforms.

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