The Halo Infinite Animated Key Art Has Been Released Online

Francesco De Meo
Halo Infinite News

Microsoft revealed the official Halo Infinite key art today.

The key art, which has also been released in animated form on Twitter, provides some hints on what to expect out of the game. A Brute is visible in the visor's reflection, and Master Chief seems to be carrying the rumored grappling hook.

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Halo Infinite is said to feature a grappling hook in some capacity, but it's not yet clear how much it will impact gameplay. According to insider Klobrille, the item will be available in the single-player campaign as a pick-up item and in the multiplayer mode as a power-up.

Grappling hook is in as to my limited knowledge, but it’s more like an equipment pick-up similar to Halo 3. No idea how that is included in campaign.

Halo Infinite Arena is all about going back to classic map control gameplay (power weapons and power-ups). There are a lot of cool map power-ups to complement the sandbox. Grapple hook, thrust or classics like overshield. All this is very dynamic and might vary heavily based on playlist etc., of course. But more on all that at a later date.

Halo Infinite will release later this year on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. The first look at the game's campaign will come tomorrow during the Xbox Game Showcase event.

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