Halo 5 Getting More Controversial Changes

Jeff Williams

Some very interesting things are happening with the development of Halo 5, features thoroughly enjoyed from past Halo games that just won't seem to make it into Halo 5.

Voting for maps in Halo 5 won't be an option at all anymore, but instead a simple rotation in multiplayer.

Taking to Twitter, Josh Holmes of 343 Industries, slightly disappointed fans by telling us that we can no longer vote for which map should come next in the rotation. Despite being a great feature in Halo 2 that let you skip the maps that were less fun for the group. Sometimes you and your friends might enjoy particular maps and modes, and want to be able to choose what's played.

An updated system in Halo: The Master Chief Collection allowed the most popular content to be the most often played through a novel voting system, though this had the added side-effect of killing the usual variety, having some content appear far more frequently than might be intended.

So far, though, the response has been well-received. It seems that 343 Industries wants us to be able to play all the maps. While you might be uncomfortable playing a particular map, because you might not know it as well, this can help increase your skill by almost forcing you to also pay attention to even the maps you hate.

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