Halo 4 Art Director Decides Steps Down at 343 Industries

This day came with a bit of a surprise when Kenneth Scott, senior art director on Halo 4, has decided to step down from his current duties at 343 Industries. He has been working for over four years on Halo 4 and presumably has been working too on the new Halo for Xbox One.

343 Industries will have a new Art Director for new Halo projects

For what the motives to leave his current position a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN, "In order to be with his family, Kenneth Scott and 343 Industries have agreed to transition his current role". If not many people knew Scott's wife is Corrine Yu, who decided to left 343 Industries in November to start on a new career for Naughty Dog in California.

But this will leave us all curious to know who will be replacing Kenneth Scott. Well the new Art Director is going to be Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier, a long-time colleague and collaborator with Kenneth. Even Bouvier is going to step into the position of Art Director, Kenneth will continue to work with 343 Industries remotely and also will be partner with Nicolas in a newly created role as a Visual Design Consultant.

This news are going to be quite a show, making all those fans excited and eager to know more details of the plans the studio has regarding the future of Halo. But meanwhile we can have a look of Nicolas work on his own personal blog. Which we can start to have ideas on the new styles and designs we can see on future Halo games.

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