Halloween Skins Come Haunt Paragon on PlayStation 4


Celebrate Shadows's Eve with spooky skins for Paragon.Epic Games is joining the ghoulish festivities by giving their players a chance to win or buy six new Halloween-themed skins for Paragon on the PS4.

Paragon’s Shadow’s Eve celebration will introduce six new terrifying skins turning your favorite heroes into trouble-making riff-raff. Paragon is Epic Game's third-person action MOBA that injects some action into typical MOBA formula according to Creative Director Steve Superville.

During Shadow's Eve, the Dock-o-Lantern Murdock skin will be available to all players. Anyone who links their Twitch account to Paragon on the Playstation will permanently unlock the pumpkin-head wearing skin for Murdock.

Six Shadow’s Eve skins will be on sale from 25th October to 6th November. My favorite so far has to be the enormous Franken-Grux, I'm going to enjoy watching him lumber about the map.

If you'd rather earn the skins below is a list of the skin drops you can earn in the next two weeks by simply watching/streaming Paragon:

Week 1 skin drops 11th – 17th October

  • Sweet Dreams Khaimera
  • Feline Queen Sparrow
  • Mephisto Gideon

Week 2 skin drops 18th – 24th October

  • Skull-Bot Twinblast
  • Spider Witch Belica
  • Franken-Grux

Winners will be notified via in-game notification. Just keep an eye for the username 'OfficialParagonBot' while you watch or stream Paragon on the Playstation 4.

Paragon is currently available on PlayStation 4  and PC with cross-play functionality. Epic Games will also be introducing dynamic bundles to go with the event. The dynamic bundles give players a chance to buy all the skins but won't charge for skins you may have earned while playing. This basically means that you won't be forced to buy a bundle with skins you may already own.