Hackers take down Minecraft, Eve Online and League of Legends login servers all in a matter of 2 hours

Rizwan Anwer

Lulzsec, A hacking group that came out of no where made it's debut by hacking PBS and posting a fake news of Tupac being found alive. They have really grown since then and now targeting bigger fish, they are now proudly announcing their victories on Twitter, they claim to have hacked Bethesda users database, League of Legends / Eve online and even the popular Minecraft Login servers. All of these games are home to many online gamers on the PC, especially Eve Online which is the closest competitor to World of Warcraft.

Link to the above tweet Here

When they started off they attacked Sony and Codemasters but now they are attacking something which really matters, they are now messing around with peoples entertainment online which is going a bit too far. Many online forums including Reddit are furious by their actions and what was once a loyal fanbase on reddit has now turned ugly and demanding that Lulzsec stop these attacks.


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