Hack Proof PlayStation 3 in the works


CMG reports that Sony has decided to work on an improved SKU for the PlayStation 3 rendering future and current jailbreak methods futile on the newer SKU, it is rumored that the new SKU will have a 300GB HDD (while the highest model available right now is the 320GB the main feature of this SKU is to stop piracy on the PS3 yet again.

Sony has proven with the PSP-2006, PSP 3006 and certain TA motherboards on the PSP models that they are indeed capable of making hackproof devices (While YES the 3000 has been hacked but the hack gets undone once the device is turned off) it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the reason behind the revised SKU is none other than the heated litigation going on between Sony and GeoHot.

CVG says that the release of the SKU can vary and this is still a rumor, although considering current events I am fairly certain that this news will definitely get the official stamp any time soon.

Source: CVG