GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 Flux Graphics Card Flaunts 2.65 GHz OC

Jason R. Wilson
GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 Flux Graphics Card Flaunts 2.65 GHz OC 1

The GUNNIR Intel Arc A770 Flux graphics card is now available and has been tested by Expreview who have overclocked it up to 2.65 GHz.

GUNNIR's Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card Delivers Up To 2.65 GHz Overclock Potential

Intel launched the Arc A770 on October 12th, with the company finally offering a competitive desktop graphics card to go head-to-head with NVIDIA and AMD. One of the four known partner companies, GUNNIR, was slated to offer four custom variants of the new Intel GPU series.

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The particular GPU tested from GUNNIR was the blue color FLUX variant of the Intel Arc A770 custom that the company released. Three fans adorn the top of the graphics card and offer 8+4 VRM and dual 8-pin power connector configuration. Two models were launched from GUNNIR, one with 8GB and one with 16 GB, and the 8 GB model was chosen as the basis of Expreview testing.


The card has a 2.1 base GPU clock and a 2.4 GHz factory OC boost clock. Compared to Intel's specifications of their Limited Edition A770 desktop graphics cards, the GUNNIR Flux falls short, coming in at 16 Gbps, whereas Intel has their card at 17.5 Gbps.


During the benchmarks, it was noted that the heat dissipation was good, keeping the temperature levels at a maximum of 67°C. Power consumption levels came in at an average of 283.5W, with a peak of 329W. The peak consumption levels fall in line with similar concerns that have arisen about Intel's own Arc A770 GPUs. When the GUNNIR Flux GPU is idle, the power consumption is around 48.7W, which is relatively high. It is anticipated that Intel will listen to the reviews that have come in so far and make patches to fix some of the current inconsistencies.

The full overclocking potential of the card tested by Expreview did reach 3.04 GHz but was unable to maintain that level. The website was capable of supporting 2.65 GHz on average, which is above Intel's specifications. Two other companies have made custom Intel Arc A770 GPUs, but there have not been accessible reviews of any of those manufacturers' GPUs.

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