Guitar Hero put to rest.


That's right folks, after years of making the dream of a rockstar come true in our living rooms Activision has decided to pull the plug on their Guitar Hero franchise, Guitar Hero is one of the best music related games I have ever played and it made a great game to play with friends when they included the band kit with future games but seeing the franchise being put to rest put's a tear in my eye.

Guitar has served the gaming community well starting with Guitar Hero on the PS2 and then games later on released on the PC, XBOX 360, Wii, PS3 and even the Nintendo DS, while Guitar Hero lacks any story or characters or any such detail it was still a joy to grab a plastic guitar and maintain a high note streak with increasing difficulty settings. To this day one of the most difficult tracks is "Through the fire and flames by DragonForce" is one of the most difficult tracks to play even on easy and on expert the track is an utter nightmare.

Activision did say that there might be a chance of a revival if there is demand but until then enjoy all the previous Guitar Hero games.

Source: AfterDawn