Guitar Hero is Born Again, Kind Of

Guitar Hero is an almost iconic franchise that has spanned 10 years worth of games and content. It's inspired a South Park parody and the ubiquitous controller is a representation of a lot of peoples child hood desire to play music, though by twiddling a plastic stick. And now it's back, sort of, in a way.

Guitar Hero Live let's you play your favorite tunes on that plastic guitar facsimile with a live-recorded background.

Activision has announced that they are going to revive the Guitar Hero franchise in their newest iteration that blends an interactive crowd and band with your fantastic abilities to manipulate their newest version of the guitar controller.

The crowd and your band members will all react to your ability to play, getting more or less excited with the more notes that you hit correctly. The atmosphere around you is apparently pre-recorded real footage of actual people whose reactions will somehow blend seamlessly to your abilities.

I think it has to be said, this reminds me of an interactive movie such as the likes of Quantum Gate. Aside from including new songs I don't see what's so special about including pre-recorded live-actions scenes that change based on your own actions. It really hearkens back to some very old games, and it doesn't inspire much confidence. This is a very old game mechanic and I don't think it's going to add anything at all. In fact, it's a little silly.

Activision's idea for this is to add a first person perspective to it to help give a better and more realistic experience. The problem is that it cheapens the experience to use poorly done pre-recorded scenes. It's really no different then past games. If they allowed you to stream yourself in front of live audiences, then that would be unique and interesting. But I digress.

But, the good news for you Hero's out there is that Guitar Hero is finally coming to the new generation of consoles. Expect Guitar Hero Live to show up this fall on PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4 with a new controller.

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