Guerrilla Games’ Seasons Greeting Art Shows Horizon, Killzone & RIGS; HQ Included

An amazing piece of Holiday art released by Dutch developer Guerrilla Games, displays key figures from the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn, RIGS, and Killzone.

To celebrate the Holidays, Guerrilla Games has released a an incredible piece of art, showing off Horizon Zero Dawn's Alloy in a RIGS Mech sleigh. The sleigh is pulled by a Grazer from Horizon Zero Dawn. A Helghast from Killzone is displayed at the back of the sleigh, carrying presents (or something else).

Art shows Horizon, Killzone & RIGS

Check out the beautiful piece of art below.

Dutch developer Guerilla Games is currently working hard on PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. Their Cambridge studio is developed PS VR title RIGS.

Guerrilla Games is originally known as Lost Boys, but the studio changed names to Guerrilla Games back in 2003.

The name Guerrilla was chosen to echo the style and image of the parent company. To complement Guerrilla's new name, a new corporate identity has been designed. The logo takes the form of a letter G in the shape of sergeant's stripes, reflecting the name's military flavour.

In 2005, Sony purchased parent company Media Republic, making Guerrilla Games a first party studio owned by Sony.

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