GTX580 available for purchase RIGHT NOW


That's right folks the legendary 580GTX is now available for purchase, although right now its only limited to the UK for a whooping ₤399 (USD$ 646) The card is available on YoYotech

Here are the specifications of the card

nVidia GTX580 The world's fastest GPU, bar none. Blasts past the GTX480 with room to spare.

Tessellation processing is up more than 20% and the combination of architectural enhancements, vapor chamber cooling and increased clock speeds make for a fantastic combination.


nVidia GTX580 •

512 Full CUDA Cores •

1.5GB 384-bit GDDR5 •

4 Gbps Data Transfer •

Dual DVI & mini HDMI Over 30% faster than GTX480 tested in 3DMark Vantage nVidia GeForce GTX580 -->· 772MHz Core Speed -->· 1.5GB GDDR5 Memory (384-bit) -->· Draws up to 244w power -->· 27cm long -->· Needs 2 slots -->· 3-Way SLi Capable -->· 2x DVI and 1x mini HDMI.

Source: YoYoTech