GTA V May Ditch Steam DRM

Abdullah Awan

Yes, the record busting Grand Theft Auto is back and with a bang too. Easily, one of the most popular games in the world, GTA V is set o be released on PC on the 27th of January, 2015. After several delays on the PC version of the game, it's finally here and Rockstar has added in lots of tricks so the game will be very different and more fun to play on a PC then a console. The troubling part in the latest rumor is that fans on a NeoGAF thread are talking about the game not using Steam as a means of DRM but instead, the game will be using Rockstar Social Club.

Photo Credits - GearNuke

Grand Theft Auto V will Feature its own DRM on PC

Keep in mind that this is still a rumor as of yet but a pretty strong one tracing it back to it's sources and supporting hints. The rumor on NeoGAF forums being discussed by users is that the game will skip steam entirely and will feature its own DRM. While some PC games use online authentication for online activation of a game, it's been a common trend to use Steam for that purpose.Although games may not necessarily use steam which seems to be the case with GTA V PC so far, it is very odd that a household name like the Grand Theft Auto series is now ditching the platform and aiming for its own Social Club authentication system.

'Green Man Gaming', which is a global eCommerce games retailer who is particularly explicit when it comes to Steam listing as a third-party DRM authentication system, seems to be missing GTA V from their Steam listing, which is a strong indicator that copies purchased outside or even inside of Steam won’t use Steam DRM at all.

Rockstar will need to come up with some very amazing integration as gamers will not be very comfortable moving away from steam seeing as how it is the number one platform library for any gamer. Although Rockstar team has not yet confirmed this rumor as of now but looking at the signs, it's quite clear that Grand Theft Auto team intends to leave steam introducing which may well be the first of many potential problems of GTA V on PC. We'll find out more when the game makes its debut on PC on the coming 27th. We'll keep you up to date with any more rumors or official releases on the game.

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