GRID Takes you to Havana with Fernando Alonso – Gameplay Footage


One of my most favourite racing games of all time is the original Grid. The racing wasn't exactly full-on simulation as other titles are want to be and, more than that, there was a sense of ownership. You created your own team, bought your cars, hired your second driver - it was engrossing and is by far best of the series in my humble and correct opinion.

When the new Grid was announced, I have to admit I was pretty excited. I like other racing games and there's little doubt that Codemasters are by-and-far the top of the pack when creating them, but I like something to fill that desire of pure fun, of simple arcade action. Here comes the fourth game in the series, simply called Grid - similar to the first one - to bring the action and confuse my naming system.

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From what the gameplay footage shows, I'm already more than a little interested in this. It looks great, there's little doubt about that, and features like hiring and firing your team-mate from a roster of 72 AI-controlled characters is always a nice bonus. It'll be even nicer if you can have Alonso as a team-mate. Make it so Codemasters!

Even better is that these characters will act and react differently to you based on how much loyalty they have. Though nothing is said, I imagine there will be ways to both increase and decrease loyalty. In addition to the loyalty system, there is also a nemesis system. While the nemesis system (rivalries) can also be found in F1 2019 (you can read my review here), the actual impact of it was shallow at best. It will be interesting to see how it plays a part here, potentially giving a boost to a nemesis who is behind you in the pack?

There's a lot to still find out when it comes to Grid, though we know it's looking good and since it's by Codemasters, it's almost guaranteed to actually be good. For everything else, we'll no doubt find out more before the game launches on October the 11th for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.