GreedFall New Overview Trailer Focuses On RPG Mechanics

Francesco De Meo
Greedfall patch 1 pc ps4 xbox

A new trailer has been released today for GreedFall, introducing many of the game's core mechanics.

The GreedFall overview trailer, which can be watched below, focuses on the role-playing game mechanics included in the game, such as character creation, improving skills and attributes and more.

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GreedFall, the latest RPG from Spiders studio, takes you on a journey to the mysterious and uncharted Island of Teer Fradee. Forge your own destiny when the game releases September 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. In a new Gameplay Overview Trailer, Spiders and Focus Home Interactive give you a tour of the numerous features that mark GreedFall as a core RPG with player choice at its heart.

Combat is also highlighted in the trailer, showing the many ways players have to dispose of enemies.

When resorting to combat, you can approach it in your own way: subdue foes with heavy weapons, use your rapier to parry and riposte with flair, or control the battlefield using traps and magic. The optional tactical pause menu allows you to choose your next moves strategically. Your party members will follow you into battle, but keep in mind that they are people with their own hopes, goals and motives. Say or do the wrong thing and their loyalty to you could waver, or even turn entirely.

GreedFall launches on September 10th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in all regions.

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