Great Expectations Are Revolving Around the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch – Will These Be Fulfilled? [Livestream]


Currently there are some great expectations revolving around SpaceX at the moment. The company is about to launch its Falcon Heavy Rocket, which is currently the most powerful rocket in operation! The reasons behind this launch has many angles but we know one thing for sure, Musk aims to use this launch to show that these rockets can do a lot more than just place communication satellites in the orbit or haul cargo for NASA to the ISS. With big plans and great expectations, the launch is about to take place today.

Falcon Heavy - Exceeding Expectations Or Within Expectations?

So what are these expectations that I keep talking about? This particular rocket can lift more payload than any other American rocket. It is the first time that a commercial company has managed to develop a rocket this powerful without any government finance. If this launch is successful, SpaceX can bid on missions for the Air Force. There is a possibility that it can replace the gigantic rocket NASA is currently developing. However, the most interesting thing about this launch is that the payload is none other than Musk’s cherry red Roadster from Tesla!

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Musk is known for his innovative methods and he just did something even more interesting. Apparently there are 3 cameras on the roadster that will allow us to get some ‘epic views’ if the launch is successful. However, Musk believes that this is a test mission and there is a lot that could go wrong. The enthusiastic CEO is trying to keep his expectations in check and said that he would consider the launch as successful if the rocket gets high enough and no explosions harm the Launchpad. He said that usually before any launch he is stressed but this time he feels giddy happy and that could be a bad sign.

What do you guys think about this launch? Are you excited as we are? Join us and watch the launch live. It will be broadcasted on SpaceX’ website and on Youtube. The launch window is from 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm Eastern. Are you guys ready?

News Source: Watch the SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch Today