Gravity Rush 2 Information Blowout: 50 Side Missions, 2.5X World


Sony revealed many new Gravity Rush 2 details during a live stream yesterday.

This sequel sets out to be a lot bigger than the first game, mainly thanks to the power of PlayStation 4 (Gravity Rush was originally developed for the PS Vita). For instance, the game world will be 2.5 times bigger and the development team currently wants to create 50 side missions.

Gravity Rush 2 will be mainly set in a town modeled after real cities in South America/Southeast Asia. However, there will also be an "alternate" dimension filled with variety.

Raven is going to help Kat as a partner, though she won't be there all the time. Still, the team is also evaluating whether to make Raven playable given the amount of requests they had for this. There will be online elements such as a time attack; this won't be just about rankings, since players will be able to send a ghost to challenge their friends.

In terms of development progress, Gravity Rush 2 is about 30/40% complete, according to the studio. Gravity Rush 2 will release in 2016 but with no PlayStation VR support.

Sony is also in talks with a production company for a Gravity Rush anime which is supposed to bridge the story gap between Gravity Rush and its sequel. Of course, in case you haven't played the first game on PS Vita there's also Gravity Rush Remastered to look forward to; this PlayStation 4 version will be available on February 2, 2016 in North America and Europe.

A new gameplay video was then showcased; someone uploaded it on YouTube, though the quality isn't great.