Gran Turismo Sport Announced at PGW, Gran Turismo Finally Coming to the PS4


Gran Turismo is finally making it's debut on the PS4 in the guise of Gran Turismo Sport. It celebrates 100 years of automotive racing history and adds a real incentive for winning in-game tournaments. Polyphony Digital is proud to announce this year in Paris as it's also the site of the first ever motorsport race in human history.

Gran Turismo Sport is technologically fantastic and lets you win real life accolades.

Gran Turismo has been a staple of the PlayStation platform for almost it's entire life, and curiously it's been missing since the release of the PS4 in 2013. That changes today as Gran Turismo Sport has been announced, along with actual FIA-sactioned and sponsored championships that run throughout the year. There will be the Players cup, where you'll be able to represent your country, or the country of your choice and then you also compete in the manufacturers cup, where you race for your favored car manufacturer. Winners of those championships are presented with real rewards in Paris at an actual FIA event alongside real racing drivers.

Of course the underlying game mechanics will be suitably upgraded and improved, as is tradition, but this real-world partnership with the FIA is an astounding and rather interesting achievement. It was said that the FIA is tremendously excited about new technologies and that Gran Turismo Sport represents a blending of virtual and real-world driving in new ways. We can also expect PlayStation VR support to further immerse you into the world of driving simulators, with Gran Turismo being almost the definitive console driving simulator.

A beta test is expected to arrive sometime in the beginning of 2016.