Google Wi-Fi Gets a New, Lowered Price Tag of $99 and Nearly 50% of It Is Made out of Recycled Plastic


The Google Wi-Fi mesh system was a terrific way to add a total of three nodes in your home an engulf it with wireless radio to help you connect to the internet or enjoy some streaming on your mobile devices. At the time, Google was charging $129 for a single node and $299 for a 3-pack system, which would have been costly for a lot of you, but thanks to the latest update, Google has made things a little more affordable. If you’re planning on investing to improve your existing Wi-Fi network, you’ll only have to pay the company $99 per node.

For a 3-Pack Google Wi-Fi Mesh Network System, the Company Is Only Charging You $199

The 3-pack is a much better deal from Google since it gives you more opportunities to eliminate dead zones in your home. On the inside, nothing much has changed, and the hardware has remained consistent with the previous models that launched back in 2016. What this means is that the 3-pack Google Wi-Fi system is limited to AC1200 speeds, so if you’re the kind of user who wants to experience the performance of gigabit connections, you’ll need something with a bit more kick.

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That’s where the Google Nest Wi-Fi comes into play, but this hardware is considerably more expensive. Google launched the new products last year and they offer better range than the original. However, the Nest Wi-Fi Point costs $149 and you’ll have to cough up $169 for the Nest Wi-Fi router. Just add $30-$50 more and you’ll be able to set up an entire mesh system in your home with Google Wi-Fi.

Another change that Google has added is the company has opted to use a 15W barrel plug instead of the USB-C port. Personally, we’d want to see more use of the USB-C port since it eliminates having to purchase accessories separately, but let us keep our fingers crossed for Google to incorporate this in the next iteration. The company has also stated that 49 percent of the construction is made out of recycled plastic, but you’ll only be able to purchase it in a single color.

Google will also be rolling out software improvements from time to time to ensure that the mesh network is working in an optimum manner. For $199, it’s a great deal for someone who doesn’t have a gigabit internet connection but still wants to upgrade their existing wireless hardware.