Google to Take On Slack and Microsoft Teams With Its Upcoming Messaging App

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Google's long and illustrious history with messaging apps is forever etched in the annals of tech history. The company never had a problem building one, and strictly speaking, Allo wasn't even all that bad. It's just that there were too many alternatives and Allo simply couldn't keep up. Google seems to he shifting focus away from a personal messaging app to something more business-oriented.

Google is working on an entirely new enterprise messaging application from scratch

According to a report by The Information, Google's upcoming mobile app will integrate features from its existing solutions such as Hangouts Meet, Hangout Chat, Drive, Gmail, and the likes. It aims to be a one-stop solution for all corporate communication needs. It will be a part of Google's G-Suite package intended for businesses. Currently, one has to rely on two separate apps messaging and video conferencing, which can get rather cumbersome in an enterprise environment. Instead of just being yet-another messaging, this one is poised to act as a central hub where one could check everything work-related.

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Google hopes to take on Microsoft Teams and Slack  —two of the industry's most popular enterprise communication platforms— with its upcoming application. Both services offer a unique set of features to users and have found takers large and small businesses alike. Just how Google plans on attracting users towards its new product remains to be seen. Switching between platforms is a time and resource-heavy task that often results in loss of productivity, so Google will have to give companies several good reasons to make the switch.

While Google may have a competitive edge over Slack and Microsoft Teams in terms of brand recognition, its history with messaging apps will definitely come into question at some point. That being said, enterprise software is an entirely different ballgame, so the company may get a free pass after all. We should know more about the mystery app later this year at Google I/O.

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