Google Apparently Has Three Phone Design Teams to Make the Pixel 4 Look as Futuristic as Possible

Google Apparently Has Three Phone Design Teams to Make the Pixel 4 Look as Futuristic as Possible

How many teams does it take to design a visually appealing phone? For Google, the answer is apparently three, if a new rumor is to go by. While Google’s Pixel smartphones surely live up to the brand’s name when it comes to photography, they are in serious need of a design upgrade. The unsightly notches and the large bezels on the 2018 Pixel 3 range are certainly an eyesore for most and perhaps that’s why the company has reportedly decided to shake things up.

Google Will Most Likely Want to Prevent a Design Fail as It Did With the Pixel 3 XL’s Massive Notch

According to a tweet by Max. J, three separate teams are working independently of each other within Google to avoid the design disaster that was the Pixel 3 series, specifically the Pixel 3 XL. If Google has three separate design teams, it is most likely means the members of each team are not in contact with the opposing one, meaning Google may have pitched them up against each other, presumably in the hopes of motivating them to give it their best shot. Ultimately, Google will reportedly choose the best design.

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The practice of dividing the workforce and making them compete is nothing new and has previously been used by other companies as well, including Google’s rival Apple. The same was also reported back in August 2018, when two teams were said to be working on different Pixel devices. It is also worth mentioning that in early 2018, the search giant bought HTC’s design team and more recently, in March this year, rumors were floating around that some members of the company’s Create hardware team have been moved to other departments. This gave rise to speculations that the company is altering its hardware portfolio.

As for whether the Pixel 4 will have a new design, it is kind of hard to say that as it might have been finalized already and we may not see the fruits of the labors of the rumored design teams until the Pixel 5 is released. Then again, Google recently admitted that the Pixel 3 lineup is struggling and to revive sales, the company might give the Pixel 4 series a facelift after all.

To remind you, Samsung has apparently been doing well with the Galaxy S10 range, and we feel that one of them has to do with a huge design change coupled with those hardware upgrades. Our personal preference is that the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL feature a punch-hole display to accommodate the dual-camera setup at the front, but let us know what you’d like to see, down in the comments.

News Source: Twitter (Max. J)

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