Google Play to YouTube Music Transfer Has Been Delayed

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is going to be the next big thing from Google as far as music streaming services are concerned. Google is retiring the Google Play Music to some extent and allowing users to transfer the contents of their Play Music over to YouTube Music. Google even launched a handy transfer tool that will allow users to have a seamless experience. However, due to high demand, the transfer feature has been delayed.

If you head over to YouTube Music, you will see a warning that says that the transfers are momentarily delayed because of the high demand.

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YouTube Music Migration Tool is Currently Not Allowing Any Migration Because of High Demand

Your account is going to need access to or "Transfer from Google Play Music" in the app settings. You can transfer again as many times as you want. If you go back to the Google Play Music in order to make some changes, those changes will then be synced with YouTube Music once they are available for the full-time use.

Depending on the size of your library, the process of migration can take anywhere from a few minutes to even some days. However, music recommendations sync almost immediately, but Uploads and purchases take the longest.

However, 9to5Google reported today that if you head over to the initiate the migration, you will be given an error that says, "Due to high demand, transfers are delayed". Here's how the error looks like.

There is no denying that the transfers are in high demand at the time of writing, but we also have to understand that a lot of new users have received the transfer tool in the past couple of weeks. Which goes to show that Google is still very much on board with the idea of having this work. It is only a matter of time before Google finally sorts this out and YouTube Music is up and running once again, at least as far as the migration is concerned.

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