Google Play Store Gets Material Design And More Updates – Click Here For Play Store 5 APK Download

Ramish Zafar

After Android L, Google's Material Design interface has now made it on Play Store as well. Google has updated Play Store today with several changes. Play Store 5 includes several interface, data and animation changes, which make it look even more better. The way you interact with Play Store also changes and you can find out how for yourself by downloading through the link given below.

Play-Store-5Google Play Store Updated With Material Design And Several Interface Changes.

The Play Store 5.0.37 APK comes with Material Design upgrades for the overall interface, including the logo. Iconography for Play Store has also been changed and you can see tiny differences present in the form of animations for elements such as the slide-out drawer menu. The Whats New section for Play Store has also been changed and you can now view all the latest apps and updates available on the top for every app category.

Other changes on the Play Store update include the Widget suggestion icons for the home screen. Google's been paying great attention to detail it seems, with even the notification icon for the status bar getting a change in this latest version. Play Store 5.0 is expected to come to users soon, with the version in the link below only being an APK version.

So don't expect Play Store 5.0.37 to be fully compatible with your device. Download and install it on your Android device only if you can't wait for Google to roll out the official update. You're going to have to go back to an older version if things don't go smoothly and the APK keeps on crashing. But it might be worth the risk after all, since Google's changes to the overall aesthetic do look quite appealing. So click here to download Play Store 5.0.37 and let us know in the comments section about what you think.


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