Google Play Movies to Include Ad Supported Content in a Future Release


When it comes to streaming movies online, Google Play Movies is seldom the first option on a user's mind. Unlike existing services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies does not have a subscription model. Instead, you have the option to buy or rent movies that you can later watch on any device linked with the Google ID. Another reason for its dismal success is that it doesn't have a vast library of content like its competitors. Given the highly-competitive nature of the video streaming service market, Google will want to woo more users towards Play Movies and is reportedly planning on doing so by offering free, ad-supported content.

According to a recent APK Teardown of Google Play Movies v4.18.37 by XDA Developers, there were several mentions of text that hinted towards free, ad-supported content. Apparently, there will be 'hundreds of movies' available for viewing under this yet-to-be-announced program. Barring a few titles, it is possible that the entire library will be made available this way.

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Google's approach towards delivering its content is quite unique. It is not often we see a subscription-based solution be scrapped for an ad-supported model. Google wants Play Movies to operate like network television. It does make an iota of sense, though. Google Play Movies is deeply tied with YouTube; another platform that relies on ad revenue.

Bear in mind that this was spotted in a beta version of the application. It could take weeks, or even months before Google even tries to test the feature, let alone release it fully. There is also a likelihood that it will not see the light of day if Google determines that the model is not sustainable. Most APK teardowns are often accurate, so let's hope that it holds true in this case too.