Google Play HTC One M8 And M7 Will Not Be Getting Android Lollipop Today – Says HTC VP

Users of the HTC One M8 and the HTC One M7 had some good news for them a couple of days back, when we found out that the Google Play Store editions of the devices will be receiving the Android Lollipop update today, making them the first in their category. Well, sadly, we have some not so good news today for the same users and it comes straight from Mo Versi, Vice President Product Management over at HTC.

Android Lollipop Update For Google Play HTC One M8 And One M7 Delayed.

In a response to a tweet about whether the Taiwanese manufacturer had submitted a version to Google, Mr. Versi replied that the submission had been made. The reason for the delay isn't HTC it seems according to Mr. Versi's words but Google it self. In his tweet Mr. Versi says that the search engine giant has told HTC to re spine the version sent over to Google for testing.

It was also Mr. Versi who had earlier announced that the Android Lollipop update would be arriving to the smartphones, and unfortunately, there is no other information about a new potential update date. We guess Android Lollipop for Google Play HTC One M8 and One M7 will be available as soon as HTC is able to re-spin the SW and send it back to Google for approval. Hopefully things will pan out smoothly for the One M8 and the One M7 then.

No possible reasons for needing to re-spin the SW were elaborated upon by Mr. Versi. Potentially however, reasons could include some bugs which have started to appear with Nexus devices running Android Lollipop around the market. Whatever the case may be, HTC users now have to wait for a little bit more time before they can fully enjoy Android Lollipop goodness on their devices.

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